Cash Management Services

More Access. More Efficiencies. More Productivity. More Convenience. Having the cash available to do what you want, when you need to do it, is one of the keys to success for any business. We offer a variety of cash management solutions to support your business, no matter how your cash is managed.

Optimize your Business Finances

Our solutions enable maximum efficiency.
  • Business Online Banking1

    View real-time account activity, pay bills, wire money, track deposits, and more.
  • Mobile Banking

    Quickly and securely manage your accounts while on-the-go─ transfer funds, approve wires, and even deposit checks.

  • Wire Transfers

    Send funds domestically or internationally with a simple click or call.
  • ACH

    Simplify electronic funds transfer and maintain better control over payment details and timing─ use for payroll, employee expense reimbursement, tax payments, vendor payments, and more.

  • Remote Deposit Capture

    Conveniently deposit checks directly into your account by scanning checks electronically through our Online Banking system using a scanner.
  • Business Bill Pay

    Schedule single, recurring, or future-dated payments to any person or business.

Focus on what matters

We‘ll take care of the rest.


Positive Pay

Monitor, review and approve checks processed for payment to help prevent losses and catch fraudulent activity before the money ever leaves your account. 



Escrow Management

We help landlords, attorneys and realtors manage client funds. Whether it’s a security deposit, down payment or retainer, we can hold the money for you and provide year-end reporting on the interest earned.



Lockbox Services

Leave the accounts receivable work to us and access your funds more quickly. Payments are directed to us for processing and reports made available daily.



Zero Balance

Manage multiple accounts from a single, consolidated Zero Balance Account2. Funds will automatically "sweep" from your main operating account to cover payroll or other payable-only accounts.


Credit card.

Sweep To Line of Credit

Automatically transfer funds between your line of credit and business checking accounts in order to avoid overdrafts or reduce your company’s interest expense.



Business Debit Card

A convenient, safer alternative to using cash and checks. Plus, it helps you to better manage cash flow and record keeping and you can take advantage of an array of other business and travel benefits.


To learn more about our Cash Management products and services or to schedule a meeting, connect with us today.